Hi everyone, Zarah here, and I have a confession to make.

I’m suffering from DAA

Dot Art Addiction

For all you newbies out there, some advice: GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

This is more than just a ‘hobby’.  It’s a very real dependence .

Don’t believe me? Take a look at what you’ll become (if you haven’t already!).

You will neglect your family and friends as you find ways to spend less time with them and more time dotting.

You will lose track of time, forget to eat, shower and clean as you spend hours immersed in your search for the perfect colour combination, pattern and dotting surface. You will look at everything around you as something you need to add dots to.

You will feel your heart literally stop when you find an almost perfectly smooth, round rock. You might even fake a stomach bug so you can leave your nieces Christening so you can go home and paint it. (This may or may not have happened…I’ll never tell! 😊)

You will become obsessed with trying to perfect “walking the dots” – which everyone else seems capable of mastering but you always get one annoying little sucker that is bigger than you wanted.

You will raise suspicion at work as you spend long lunch breaks M.I.A. because you lost track of time in the paint section at Spotlight/Eckersley’s/Michaels and spent way too much time trying to work out the best pricing on canvases.

Then, you will spend almost the same amount of time scouring Amazon, E-bay and Alibaba trying to get an even better deal.

You will be tempted (oh the temptation) to call in sick to work when you have a new package of paints or tools due to be delivered and you want to stay home and play with them. The high you’ll feel from the “add to cart” button is almost orgasmic.

You will be able to sniff out paint in any store at 100 paces. It will literally call to you! And, you won’t be able to help yourself…..YOU.MUST.BUY.IT. Every paint brand will be rated based on “Dot Quality”.

Some days it will be a real toss-up. Buy paint? Buy food? Buy paint? Buy food? OH GOD. It’s like Sophie's Choice! I can’t choose!

You tube, Instagram and Tik Tok will now be your preferred viewing. Who cares what the Kardashians are doing when your favourite dot-stars have just uploaded new videos. You will become an ‘expert level’ social media stalker but try to no look too creepy so as to have the FBI open a file on you.

Your refrigerator will now be filled with plastic wrapped paint palettes, because, well, you haven’t quite mastered the art of mixing just enough for what you’re working on and you don’t throw out paint.

You will leave your house (on the rare occasions that you do actually leave) with paint splotches over your hands, fingers, up your arms, on your nose…you’ll be amazed where you’ll find it. Every item of clothing will have paint on it somewhere.

You will become expert in explaining to your significant other exactly why you need another bottle of white paint when you already have 5 bottles. “But honey, they are white, off white, Antique white, Baby Powder, Egg Shell and Lace. This one is PEARL…Look, see…PEARL". Eventually, every bottle of paint or new tools, will be on “special”…..“I only paid $5.00 for these 15 bottles of colour shift paint and 60 cm canvases honey” – just remember to hide your credit card statements though!

And, it’s not just paint! Mediums, Gels, flows and additives are just like having the munchies for a junkie! All part and parcel with this addiction. Then, you will justify the ever-mounting expense with the promise that, one day, you will sell your art so it will at least pay for itself.
Perhaps the biggest lie you will tell yourself. That you can stop at any time! That you have it all under control! But, in reality, you are just counting down until you can get your next dot fix.
Happen to you?
Happened to me! hahahahahahahaha



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