Art FAQs

Mandala Literally means ‘circle’. It is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism that is the representation of the universe. The circle is seen as a magical form with no beginning or end and mandalas are used to focus your attention while meditating. I find the whole process of creating dot mandalas – circles within circles within circles – clears my mind and a calm wash over me as the repetition of the pattern and motion of dipping and dotting takes over. As Dot art, and Dot Mandalas become more popular, we are seeing many different variations of the traditional style of mandalas.

I use dotting tools which consist of both acrylic rods and dotting styluses. There are several brands on the market, but my “Go To” brand are sold by Happy Dotting Company. These are the tools I use for all my patterns and I love them for several reasons –

  • They are economical and a great set especially when just starting out. Although I have been dotting for over 5 years now, I just have never felt the need to move past them onto another brand.
  • These acrylic rods are just so easy to keep clean and in perfect dotting condition. I wipe them off with a damp baby wipe and they are as good as new
  • The fact that each size is a different colour means I don’t have to hunt for a size, I can pick u a colour and know what size dot it will make.

That said, dots can be made from all sorts of items. Some people use paint brushes, Others use henna cones and ‘pipe’ the paint onto their substrate – kind of like icing a cake or cookie. I use a combination of dotting tools, brushes and henna cones depending on the project I am working on at the time. Dotting tools can also be made from everyday items found around your home, like the ends of pens, pencils and paintbrushes, hot glue sticks and lipstick tubes – anything that has a flat end and can make a nice round dot.  

Practice, Practice, Practice….. and then practice some more. There are many, many thousands of hours of dots that have preceded each finished piece I have created. There have been plenty of frustrations and failures. Lots of dots that have been smeared and smudged, that have run together or paint that was way too thick, making ‘gunky’ dots.  Designs that have been a little off center and colours that just didn’t work together. All of that has led me to this point, right here and now, and the dots I lay down today will have me somewhere else tomorrow.  Practice, practice, practice. That’s how I do that and that is how you too can do it.  

If it’s sitting there, I’ll dot it! And I’ll even try and dot something that’s moving just for the challenge 😊. The same technique can be applied to virtually any surface, some are just more of a challenge than others.

I’m glad you asked! I had some left-over resin one day and poured the remainder into the bottom of a trinket dish I had partially dotted. When it was dried, I decided to dot over the top of the resin and then add another layer. I was mesmerized by the look of the dots just hanging there, suspended in-between the layers of resin, so o added another layer– and ‘boom’  my FLOATING DOTS were born. 

No. Creating art from dots has been used by many different cultures for centuries, most notably the Indigenous Australians, however they have really, only been using dots predominantly since the 1970s. I am proud Australian and have much respect for our traditional land owners, so I do not in anyway, ever try to replicate or claim that my dot art is like their artwork.  Contemporary Aboriginal art reflects stories of the Dreamtime, their sacred ways and their inherent connection to the land. I create my art for the pure joy of trying to achieve texture in colour and visual effect.

I use acrylic paints and have found, for best results, a good quality artist acrylic paint should be used. If you’re a beginner and just looking for a hobby, then cheaper brands are perfectly okay. I strongly believe in INVESTING IN YOUR CREATIVITY if you plan to sell your artwork. I choose paints that are highly pigmented and so have colour longevity and they retain their vibrancy. I wouldn’t purchase art work that I knew was made from poor quality products, and so I don’t sell art work made from these products either. My preference is medium and heavy bodied paints in Golden Fluid, Liquitex and Jo Sonja brands.  

No, they are not. This is why I refer to them as art stones. In Australia we are not allowed to just take from our natural environment, and I am glad that we don’t. Prefect little beach stones and all that Mother Earth gives to us belong to everyone. I believe that if everyone continued to take just a few of these perfect little treasure, then there will be nothing left for everyone else to enjoy. Because of this, Anjela of HAPPY DOTTING COMPANY started playing around with the idea of making molds for stones seeing as everyone was painting rocks and were not able to. She would make a mold, cast the stones and give them to me to test. Months of testing shapes and silicones went by until she had the perfect shape and the 1st Art-Stone mold was created. I feel very blessed to be one of the 1st to ever work on the cast art stones that have taken the art world by storm. All my stones are made using dental stone powder and poured into molds created and sold by Happy Dotting Company.


My natural eggs are sourced from a local Emu and Ostrich farm. They are purchased already cleaned by the farm, and are the result of embryos that failed to grow and hatch into babies. My art-stone eggs are cast from a mold I made myself. Devon Dotting sell molds for different sizes eggs.


My little wooden eggs are sourced from a local wood turner in the Queensland Sunshine Coast Hinterland  

Depending on the surface, I use different products to seal my work. Canvases are generally finished with an artist’s quality brush on varnish. For my art stones or eggs, they are either sealed with resin or a thick gloss spray.  I will list in the product description of my art shop what has been used on each individual piece.

I am just going to say “No”. I use dental stone powder to make my art-stones and although they are coated with resin, the inner product is still porous so, I would not recommend leaving them outside or in areas that get long term direct sunlight or moisture.  

My art stones are made to be decorative pieces, so I suggest placing art stone indoors and use a soft cloth to remove any dust. 

It’s okay to take ‘inspiration’ from other artists, it is how we all grow and learn. I am inspired by other artists every single day. Just remember that it is always polite to give credit when you are inspired by another artist’s work. In most instances, they will offer encouragement if you tag them on socials. But straight up copying is not cool.  

Yes, I do. Please message me via the Contact link to discuss your ideas.  

Pattern FAQs

Yes, you can. I use Happy Dotting company tools when creating my patterns as these are my “go to” preferred tools, but I also provide the tool size for each step and also a Tool Comparison Chart with every pattern purchase showing the most popular dotting tools so you can easily work out which tool goes with each step

Each Z-Dot Designs pattern contains both written and visual step by step instructions showing how to complete the purchased design.  A materials list, how to prepare your surface, colour guide and tool conversion chart are also included. Each step indicates tool sizes, paint colours and images showing the process from start to finish, as well as other useful hints and tips to help you along the way

That isn't a problem. Each pattern indicates a colour by name/shade and also has an image of the 'colours used in this design', so you can select similar colours in your brand of paint.

Looking for a little additional support, inspiration and encouragement? Head over to the Z-Dot Designs Pattern Group on Facebook.


Every pattern starts as an idea and transforms into a design for you to create for yourself. I take a lot of time when planning new patterns, trying to keep the designs and colour combinations new, fresh and interesting as well as incorporating several techniques to make each one unique. I don’t just make a pattern for the sake of making a pattern. Often times, a pattern can take weeks to produce as I play with tool sizing, elements and colours. It is only once I am 100% happy with the design will I do my final version.

With over 8000 patterns now sold worldwide, you can be confident that Z-Dot designs produces a popular and proven product.

Of course you can, I only ask, where possible, that you mention that it is a Z-dot designs pattern.

As a rule, no. I do state this in the conditions of my patterns both in the description of the product before purchase and on the actual pattern itself. All patterns a copyright and watermarked. However, I am open to discussion as to what you are wanting to achieve when holding your own workshops, so please reach out to me and we can discuss to possibility.

All patterns are for personal use only and are not to be reproduced, redistributed, copied or resold. All images and text are copyright protected by Z-dot Designs and may not be altered in anyway. The artwork is the property of Z-dot Designs

My patterns are digital files for download and not a physical document that will be shipped. It is a colour PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to open and view the file.

Once payment is confirmed, your files will be available to download.

Here’s how

As patterns are an instant digital download, there are no refunds or returns.

If you have inadvertently purchased the same product twice, please message me to select an alternate pattern that I will email to you directly.

The descriptions, images and video of pattern content in my Pattern Shop and in the FAQs gives plenty of details as to what is included in each pattern.


Workshop FAQs

Public workshops will be listed on either Meet-up, Eventbrite or Class Bento. As spaces will be limited and fill up quickly, you will be required to register and pre-pay for your registration to secure your spot. Seats will be filled in order of payment receipts.

Cancellations – Workshop registrations are non-refundable. You are able to transfer to the next class on the calendar or transfer your booking to a friend. Please do speak with me though and see what alternate arrangements we can make for you.

Private workshops will require a 50% deposit and a minimum of 6 attendees. Final payment will be required on the day for the minimum number of attendees. If you are unable to host the workshop on the agreed date, please speak with me to work out an alternate arrangement.

Workshops are generally run between 2-3 hours.

On top of 2-3 hours of tuition, each attendee with receive all the materials required to complete the advertised art work, including stones or canvases, a printed pattern of the artwork, practice mandala sheets, paints, paint palette and a complete set of Happy Dotting Company tools to take away with you.

Art Sales and Shipping FAQs

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. 

Orders are dispatched from Australia within 1-3 days after receipt of payment.

Delivery times for items shipped from Australia to International destinations is currently 4-6 weeks.

Delivery times for items shipped within Australia is currently 1-3 weeks

All items are shipped via Sendle. Once the items arrive at the destination country, they are placed in the standard postal services of that country for final delivery.

Yes, if you want a faster delivery service via DHL, this can be arranged at additional costs. Please contact me prior to placing your order to get a quote. DHL service is GENERALLY a 1-week service.

Tracking information will be provided upon dispatch. Please make sure you include your contact phone number and email address when you check out so that you can receive your tracking information.

Buyers are responsible for any customs import duties & taxes that may apply in their country. The value paid for the items is declared to the courier company at the time of booking. Z-Dot is not responsible for delays due to customs processing.

EU customers please note that Vat is not included in any of my prices and may be due at time of delivery.

Your order includes free Sendle cover for loss or damage up to AUD 100.00. Depending on the value of your order, additional insurance can be purchased. Contact me for a quote.

Sure do! Please message when you check out and I’ll arrange to gift wrap and add a gift card.

Pattern Sales FAQs

My patterns are digital files for download and not a physical document that will be shipped. It is a colour PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to open and view the file.

Once payment is confirmed, your files will be available to download in two ways:

  1. Once payment is confirmed, your files will be emailed to you with the receipt. 
  2. Once payment is confirmed, you will return to the cart page, where you will find the purchased document(s) visible for download.


As patterns are an instant digital download, there are no refunds or returns.

If you have inadvertently purchased the same product twice, please message me to select an alternate pattern that I will email to you directly.

The descriptions, images and video of pattern content in my Pattern Shop and in the FAQs gives plenty of details as to what is included in each pattern.

Contact FAQs

You can contact me via the CONTACT page or by email at zdot@zdotdesigns.com 

Please note though, that this is my side gig! I am a hardworking career woman out there in everyday land while building my art empire, please remember, I am just one woman who is from time to time ‘technically challenged” and, being in Australia,  in a totally different time zone. Please be patient, I will acknowledge your message within 24 hours