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I love the holiday season for the “spark” of creativity that seems to take over. Follow along as we ‘up style’ some festive coloured glassware into candle holders that will shine and take centre stage on any Christmas table. Add some decorative sand in the bottom and a tea light candle, and watch the dots dance with the flicker of the light while you all make merry this Christmas. Or, you might prefer to cure and bake the glasses and use them for your mulled wine 😊

This pattern has been created using stemmed and stemless wine glasses

Create stunning dot mandala art with ease using our comprehensive pattern tutorial. This digital downloadable PDF guide provides step-by-step instructions, accompanied by visual images, making it perfect for dot mandala enthusiasts, beginners, crafters, hand makers and anyone wanting to try out this popular new artform.

Our patterns are designed as learning tools, eliminating the need to worry about design elements and color palettes. This is great for anyone who struggle to follow video tutorials or prefer a physical PDF to print and follow at your own pace! Each pattern includes detailed instructions, a project set-up guide, product listing, and an additional 16 page comprehensive tool guide with tons of bonus information including tips, tricks and terminologies. Whether you’re a complete beginner, intermediate dotter or an advanced artist, our tutorials cater to all skill levels.

With our dot mandala patterns, you’ll confidently learn the art of dotting. Download the PDF and explore a world of creativity. Perfect for at-home instruction and an excellent resource for those seeking to enhance their dotting skills.


  • Step-by-step instructions for each dot mandala design
  • Visual images accompany every step
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced artists
  • Comprehensive tool guide included
  • Eliminates the need for design and color palette decisions
  • Digital downloadable PDF format for instant access

This pattern is a digital file for download and not a physical document. It is a colour PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to open and view the file. As this is an instant digital download, there are no refunds or returns.

This pattern is for personal use only and is not to be reproduced, redistributed, copied or resold. All images and text are copyright protected by Z-dot Designs and may not be altered in anyway. The artwork is the property of Z-dot Designs, any artwork created from this pattern should credit Z-Dot designs. Patterns may not be taught without the express permission of Z-dot designs.




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